Friday 7 February 2020

Metal Detectorist's House Raided

coins from home of suspected
antiquities thief (Yaron Bibas/IAA)
Israel Antiquities Authority’s Theft Prevention Unit inspector says there are a growing number of antiquities thieves using metal detectors who are destroying unexcavated archaeological sites. A cache of 232 ancient coins was recovered from the house of a known detectorist in Kfar Kana, Galilee.

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Brian Mattick said...

In Israel, “It is important for the public to know that any excavation at an antiquities site or discovery of antiques, even in private grounds, requires immediate reporting to the Antiquities Authority”

But in Britain yer don't have to if it's not gold, and yer free to sell it. And if it IS gold they pay yer. Either way, yer win. I love this obby. Capital Gains, wots that?

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