Wednesday 19 February 2020

Time for the ACCG

ACCG website activity 2004-19
The so-called Ancient Coin Collectors' Guild was founded in July 2004 to uphold the imagined freedoms of no-questions-asked collectors of ancient artefacts (coins) in the USA. After a flurry of activity 2004-11, in the course of which they staged in the spring of 2009 the embarrassing "Baltimore Illegal Coin Import stunt", the 'Guild' got embroiled in s series of stupid court cases intended to challenge the implementation of the 1970 UNESCO Convention in the USA. They failed. Pretty miserably, discrediting themselves and coin collectors as a whole. Quite apart from that failure, the nasty very visible online trolling of Wayne Sayles, David Welsh and Peter Tompa in the name of this 'Guild' did a lot of damage to the image of collecting. The groups's website shows that these days they are anything but active. Here's a message for these sad old men and the notions they hold:

Andrea Bocelli and Carly Paoli "Time to Say Goodbye" PBS

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