Saturday 15 February 2020

Calling out the Lobbyists

Three days ago I made a mention here of the "surfacing" from underground of hundreds of stucco Buddhas allegedly acquired in the "1990s" that were now on open sale and called out several US lobbyists for the antiquities market to comment. I asked the American Committee for Cultural Policy, The Association of Collectors of Ancient and Ethnographic Art (Sue MGovern-Huffmann of 'Sands of Time') and Peter Tompa whether they would comment on their repeated assertions that the global antiquities market is adequately self-policing... as somebody since noted
"Guess there is only crickets chirping.... "  
'Odd that...', I said, '@Aurelius161180, @CCPArtCulture and @DC_Ancient_Art are only to happy loudly to announce "there's no problem the antiquities market is sufficiently self-policed, thank you", but clam up when asked to comment when it once again becomes clear that it is not at all'. Katie Paul categorised them perfectly:
Katie A. Paul @AnthroPaulicy · 9 g.
This is not a crowd that is very good at dealing with things like facts, statistics, and evidence - which is understandable for those who make grand claims about countries they have never been and criticize research findings when they’ve never conducted research

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