I'd like to get some statistics on finds rates/proportions from excavations in the UK.

What I'd like are some figures for
1) the number of coins found
2) the number of other non-ferrous artefacts (small finds)
3) the number of iron small finds (I'd need to know if nails are included)...

...from excavated sites of ROMAN and MEDIEVAL date (though Post-med would not be rejected).

The idea is to compare this information from excavations with a set of data I have for objects collected by metal detectorists in East Anglia for something I am writing.

Ideally I'd like figures from 15-20 sites of different types and different regions if that is possible.

My thinking is that several of your members will presumably have worked on depositing excavation archives in recent months and will have such figures to hand.

Any help given will of course be properly acknowledged.