Friday, 14 March 2014

Francesca Tronchin on the "Authenticity of the Warren Cup"

Francesca Tronchin ('New questions on the authenticity of the Warren Cup', Francesca Tronchin March 14, 2014 ) has set out her thoughts on the object's authenticity
Frankly, these are not new theories at all, as many have whispered and even published their concerns about the Cup’s status as an ancient object for as long as it has been on view in the British Museum [...] When it comes to the provenance and provenience of the Warren Cup, the story is, sadly, a familiar and unhelpful one. The British Museum’s database provides information only as good as what E. P. Warren was able to give: the cup was “said to be found at Bittir, near Jerusalem.” In other words, a completely useless findspot when it comes to determining authenticity.
 She notes however that the composition of the silver "seems ancient enough".

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