Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Gottlieb Hitler Sale

"Only in it for the history" Craig Gottlieb and lots of Nazi stuff

And "just by coincidence...." Craig "Messing about with bones" Gotlieb is in the news (Wall Street Journal, paywall, but look in Google cache...) Erica E. Phillips, 'Sale of Items Linked to Hitler: Good Business or Bad Taste? March 25, 2014. Gottlieb is selling items that belonged to Adolf Hitler, hoping to get the highest price ever paid for a collection of Adolf Hitler's personal effects.
Mr. Gottlieb, [...] acquired the collection in exchange for some other German military items and "well over a million dollars," [...] has listed the eight items for sale on his website and is asking would-be buyers for $3.5 million for the collection, which he hopes to sell all together.
The article discusses some of the ethical issues involved, though in a rather superficial manner.

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