Wednesday 26 March 2014

British "Nazi War Diggers" Filmed

'Eastern Front dug' relic for a collector,
identity tag of soldier missing in action t
houghtlessly hoiked by unscrupulous
metal detectorist. 
It seems some metal detecting "Nazi War Diggers" from Great Britain  Stephen Taylor [RRPG],* Kris Rodgers [Addictedtobleeps] and Adrian Kostromski, together with a dealer in Nazi relics (Craig Gottlieb [CGM Militaria = Bouncy Yank, features as an expert on the show 'Pawn Stars']) have been digging up bits of the Eastern Front. What fun, eh? They made a programme for National Geographic Television Channel (the one being investigated for its payments to Egyptian government official Zahi  Hawass). It seems they were in central Europe, "Nazi War Diggers was shot in Poland and the Baltics". How much was paid to arrange that? The series "Nazi War Diggers" is due to be aired across the globe at the  beginning of April in some countries, with others following suit in early May.
Nazi War Diggers is an archaeological (sic) series which follows a team of four as they explore the warzones of the Eastern Front excavating battle relics while uncovering and sharing a snapshot of the fallen soldiers’ stories. Working in close collaboration with local archaeologists and licensed preservation organisations, the team [...]  Polish metal detectorist Adrian Kostromski [...] seeks to preserve history, all while encountering frustrating false trails, fascinating finds, poignant personal effects and the remains of soldiers from both sides.
They'll be posting up then a copy of the search permits the team had as local law requires for the 'archaeological' work they did.

'Addicted to bleeps' is the somewhat gormless individual depicted in his hoodie in Greg's bedroom involved in the A20 Near Maidstone Anglo-Saxon grave trashing scandal ('Hoiked Finds Seen in Greg's Bedroom'). He has his own YouTube channel full of similar stuff (, apparently he's one of the presenters of this "archaeological film", which is no doubt going to do the international image of British metal detecting no end of good.  Especially, I imagine when the programme is shown in Germany.

The other presenter (screen name RRPG) is in some way associated with the so-called WW2 Relic Retrieval and Preservation Group (RRPG) which has a website here:
("The illustrated and informative forum about the subjects of World War military history. 3rd Reich, NSDAP, Waffen SS, Wehrmacht awards and uniforms history. Western Allies uniforms equipment and awards. [..]" ). The links reveal that the forum's sponsors are dealers in Nazi war relics and insignia and a Nazi re-enactment group. So these are the people coming over here to dig up the remains on various sites "preserving" material evidence of the Second World War. Such collecting is, technically, illegal in Poland and most other countries affected by the Nazi occupation. How was any material the group "preserves" removed from the country where it was dug up, and what was done with it if it was not?

The moment we click today on the forum attached to RRPG's website, we get an idea of what they understand by "preservation", items for sale, and what pops up right at the top of the page? 
Main Classifieds » Third Reich militaria » Third Reich German other militaria Erkennungsmark SS Totenkopf. Eastern Front found ( Waffen SS Totenkopf Div. Kursk
 The tag is complete, meaning most probably that grave looters have located this man's body,  taken away what is saleable (this one is now in the possession of Nazi regalia collector Rob Truscott in Devon UK). Because of the thoughtless, irresponsible (not to mention, illegal) behaviour of these individuals, the last chance the fallen man's family have of finding his body have been irretrievably obliterated.

OK, let's watch this programme with an open mind...

 * Not to be confused with another metal detecting Steve Taylor who is connected with, among other things, the Portable Antiquities Society.

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Unknown said...

The program shown last Saturday was a travesty, these people need to be stopped and preferably jailed.

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