Thursday, 12 November 2015

Britain has to Buy Back Heritage

Richard Moss, 'Wiltshire Museum launches £8K appeal to buy Anglo Saxon gold coin from 'dawn of English Christianity' CXulture 24 11 November 2015
Wiltshire Museum is launching a fund-raising campaign to buy a rare gold coin dating to the beginnings of Christianity in Wiltshire. The Anglo Saxon Gold coin was found in April 2015 at East Grafton, a Wiltshire village between Burbage and Great Bedwyn, and experts believe it was in circulation just after the burial of King Raedwald at Sutton Hoo around AD 625[...] The coin is being sold by Spink  and Son in Bloomsbury, London, on December 2 2105 as part of an auction of ancient British and foreign coins and commemorative medals.
The name of the finder ("only interested in th' 'istry") who is flogging it off is not given.

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