Monday, 9 November 2015

Code of [Best] Practice or "Conduct' [shut the gates]?

The PAS pulls the wool over the public's eyes:
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The 'Code of Practice for Responsible Metal-Detecting' provides a useful baseline, and has been signed up to by and others.

It really does not matter because:
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Paul Barford Podał dalej Portable Antiquities
Most UK metal detectorists refer only to the NCMD weasel-word "code of conduct"
I do not expect they will be answering, they never do. So much for engagement and "audiences"


Anonymous said...

To be absolutely clear Paul, I've only come across one out of the hundreds of detecting clubs that makes adherence to the official code mandatory. All the others say the NCMD "don't record if you don't want to as it's volntry innit" code is the only one that matters.

Against that background, Historic England signing up to the official code at this stage, many years after it was published, and honoured by only one side, makes the official side look like complete mugs. Which of course they are - why aren't they demanding the clubs sign up to it rather than indulging in an empty gesture designed to give the impression it has some sort of validity. It's a solemn social compact that only one side supports and one which that side is still leaning over backwards to tell the public the other side supports too.

Paul Barford said...

Well, let us throw out that question to the "responsible" detectorists. There are some 197 metal detecting clubs out there - how many require adherence to the PAS/CBA code, and how many of the 16000 detectorists in the UK are their members? How responsible is UK metal detecting?

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