Thursday, 26 November 2015

Norfolk Petition, Not Enough Cats?

The Save Norfolk's PASt petition has nearly 1000 signatures, pretty poor considering how "important" people say they think archaeology is. Also pretty unimpressive that we have perhaps 16000 metal detectorists, every single one of whom benefits from the umbrella of legitimacy the PAS (begun in Norfolk) offers their exploitive hobby. Without the PAS the hobby (and the public's picture of the heritage) would not be what it is today. It is pretty incomprehensible that this has so far not received very much support from this "history loving" community, if nowhere else. Perhaps more cat photos are needed to attract attention. The bottom one symbolises metal detectorists who apparently will not "see the meat" ever unless it jumps up and hits them in their faces, then they do the "OMG" face, tap furiously away at their keybords, send an irate copy-and-paste letter to their MP, and generally run around like headless chickens for 19 days, before losing interest.

"Can't see a problem M8"

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