Saturday, 14 November 2015

Portable Antiquities Scheme 'Loses" Detectorist Karl Jackson's Finds?

Has the Portable Antiquities Scheme lost some of its records of finds reported by responsible detectorists? Dean Crawford (who by his own account does not report his finds to the PAS) excuses himself on John Hooker's blog by referring to 'Karl Jackson and his Eisu gold staters' (11th November 2015):
"These three Dobunni staters were found by my colleague and best friend Karl Jackson, on a large Roman settlement in South Worcestershire. All three coins were found close to the surface; two were found nearly a hundred yards apart and one coin from a different field entirely, albeit within throwing distance of one of the other coins. These were recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS), although I cannot find them in their database!
So we have evidence of a rather 'productive' site, but according to Mr Crawford, the PAS has lost part of  the records referring to it. The PAS is welcome to publish the links to these three coins should the metal detectorist prove to be mistaken in his accusation. Is there perhaps some "doubt" about these coins that the record has not been made visible for so long?

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