Wednesday, 11 November 2015

It goes on....

UK Metal detectorist John Howland threatens:
"Sam Hardy [...] has quoted on his blog similar untruths and he too can expect a knock on the door any time soon".
Mr Howland now admits on a compliant US coin dealer's blog that he has personally been distributing photographs of Nigel Swift to those metal detector dealers "who wanted it", yet despite that has "never been interviewed by the police for harassment or stalking". I'd say that is very much to the discredit of UK law enforcement because that is precisely what he is doing.

The gangland mentality of the UK metal detecting community is something we should all take notice of, STOP the rot. STOP the thugs.

Now where are those "well meaning, well educated, responsibledetectorists" when we see this happening all around us? I was asked whether it "enters my head that these people exist". Well no - not really, are any of them speaking out against the public posturing of the thugwits? Any of them? We can all see the answer to that, can't we, and draw our own conclusions.

TAKE A GOOD LOOK at this behaviour, for these are precisely the sort of people the PAS wants to grab more and more millions of public quid to make into the "partners" of the British Museum, archaeological heritage professionals and to whom they want us all to entrust the exploitation of the archaeological record. Take a good look and decide what you think about that as a "policy".  

Vignette: The true colours of a metal detectorist?

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