Tuesday, 24 November 2015

PAS Puff Booklet Available


More PAS propaganda promoting artefact hunting and collection:
7 godz.7 godzin temu
'50 Finds from Cheshire' is now available from the Grosvenor, Weaver Hall, Lion Salt Works and Congleton Museums :)
But the thousands of metal detected and pocketed finds unreported and unrecorded are available nowhere, except here: eBay British Antiquities 2,578 listings today.

When are the PAS going to present the other side of artefact hunting and collecting to its public audience (who pay for it)? Where is the booklet that presents artefact hunting to the British public in the context of the publc concern over "looting" (the same thing of course) in Iraq , Syria and Egypt? Where is the PAS information about the issues surrounding buying antiquities on eBay? (There is one, who knows where to find it and direct members of the public there?)

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