Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Snel Caught Working by Metal Detectorist

A metal detecting coin collector enthuses:
"This is the first PACX coin of Snel to be recorded, filling in a gap in his career, which extends from Quatrefoil to Radiate Small Cross types!!!"

and this, purportedly is what makes artefact hunting and collecting, the clandestine and unreported trashing of so many assemblages of archaeological evidence in Britain and beyond, such "a good thing" according to the supporters of private pocket-fillng as long as they get sight of the better geegaws. Pathetic.

Now, Mr Crawford tell us more about "Snel" and his wife and kids, where did they live, what did they eat? What was their standard of living? How big was his family? Did Snel and his family have good health? I really would say there are a thousand and one questions we might have about Snel and his contemporaries and the community they lived in than a 'Snel Fecit' on a further reverse type can ever reveal the answer to. 

Trashing archaeological assemblages so that collectors can fill their pockets and a gap in their coin trays destroys evidence that others could use to fill gaps in our knowledge. While you're at it Mr Crawford, tell us pray, what - apart from for those with a 'train-spotting' or 'stamp collecting' approach - is so "important" about it being Snel and not Brythnoth or Spegan striking this PAX reverse?

Vignette: Coin responsibly reported and recorded by the PAS.

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