Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Silent Crisis of the UK

John Harris, 'End of austerity? A silent crisis in local services tells the true story' Guardian Thursday 26 November 2015
Over the next five years – and possibly for even longer than that – the kind of dire, drastic cuts councils have been forced to make since 2010 will be continuing. Indeed, the situation looks more impossible than ever. To quote one very reliable source: “Even if councils stop filling in potholes, maintaining parks, closed all children’s centres, libraries, museums, leisure centres and turned off every street light, they will not have saved enough money to plug the financial black hole they face by 2020.”
It seems that in the UK, certain sectors of the heritage are doomed to
fall into the same fragile category as libraries, parks, bus subsidies, welfare advice, help for homeless people, transport to school for children with special educational needs, and more: a great roll call of the basics of any halfway civilised society, either under threat, or disappearing fast.
Here is a summary  from the CBAof what the Chancellor's plans mean for the historical environment.

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