Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The "Shut Yer Mouth" Arguments of Antiquities Collecting

UK Metal detectorist
leaves Treasure inquest
David Knell has written a post which I suspect not only I (as a victim of "Anon FSA's" nastiness) will find hilarious. He has described the type to a tee ('"Shut yer mouth" diplomacy', Ancient Heritage Wednesday, 11 November 2015).  To his portrayal I will add a reference to "Anon FSA's" own words which display precisely the sort of excruciatingly pompous self-importance and inability to marshal a real argument which Knell is lambasting. But...
His pseudo-academic ramblings have deeply impressed some more extremist members of the metal detecting community and they have eagerly seized on his cavalier attitude to genuine archaeology as if it were authentic scholarship and gave them carte blanche. One in particular, John Howland (I've mentioned him once or twice too), has aligned himself like some kind of Billy Bunter crony. If anyone has the audacity to actually challenge Anon's pronouncements instead of making a "frantic dash for the door" (as in the fictional scenario above), Howland will use every means he can think of to silence them. Apparently frustrated by an inability to form cogent thoughts or express himself in reasoned discussion, he resorts instead to playground bully tactics and engages in puerile name-calling and veiled threats. The latter consists of feverishly tracking down any personal details about the individual he can find - photograph, address, telephone number - and publishing them as widely as possible. It's clearly designed as a form of intimidation - pretty much the equivalent of a thug's "we know where you live, mate".
Michael Darke, finder
of Dallinghoo
Wickham Market
David Knell publicises the comment which he sent to the boorish FSAian blogger,  with the predictable result: "So far, almost a week later, Anon has not published my comment but those of Howland remain. I still remain appalled". Does the boorish coiney care in the slightest, now that his mates ACCG's Dealer Dave and others jump on the thuggery bandwaggon? Not a bit. He's proud of having gained real street cred amongst the hoiking Treasure hunting oiks. Now that's a real piece of enantodromia for you.

Vignettes: The sort of Treasure Hunter which Boorish-coin-guy (FSA) courts. 

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