Monday, 2 November 2015

Russia's air force bombs ISIL base near ancient city of Palmyra

Russian SU-25s on the way to hammering somebody
This has huge propaganda value for Russia, as well as making tactical sense. Has the battle for Palmyra begun, six months after the town fell to ISIL?
Russia’s air force has struck the area around the Islamic State-held (Isis) ancient city of Palmyra, the defence ministry has said, as Moscow continued its bombing campaign in Syria. “Su-25 jets hit a fortified Isis position in the Tadmur area of Homs province,” Moscow’s defence ministry said, using the Arabic name for Palmyra. “As a result of a direct strike, a fortification, an underground bunker and anti-aircraft artillery were destroyed.” Russia's air force bombs Isis base near ancient city of Palmyra
Several strikes are reported to have hit the city’s historic citadel. Russia did not reveal when the strikes took place, but said its jets had struck more than 237 targets in Syria over the past two days.

Agence France-Presse, "Russia's air force bombs Isis base near ancient city of Palmyra"  The Guardian  Monday 2 November 201

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