Thursday, 23 May 2013

Coin smugglers foiled at Cairo Airport

Two separate attempts to smuggle historic (Graeco-Roman and Ottoman) coins were foiled at Cairo Airport on Wednesday, one in, the other out of the country:
The Antiquities Unit Bureau and the Antiquities and Tourism Police stopped a passenger carrying a Graeco-Roman gilded coin. Police said the passenger was travelling to an Arab country but refused to specify which one. Ahmed El-Rawi, head of the central administration of antiquities unit, said the coin is a unique Graeco-Roman artifact. It has a bearded royal face on one side and a picture of two birds standing on an olive branch on the other. The coin also bears Greek and Ptolemaic writing. The antiquities unit also confiscated three Ottoman coins from a passenger entering the country from United States who was allegedly planning to sell them. Both passengers are in custody as investigations continue.
It is not stated whether there were grounds for suspecting that the Ottoman coins had left Egypt illegally at some stage.
Nevine El-Aref, 'Coin smugglers foiled at Cairo Airport' Al Ahram, Wednesday 22 May 2013 

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