Friday, 24 May 2013

UK Metal Detecting: From "Partners" to "Getting Down and Dirty''?

Archaeology days at the Cowper and Newton Museum
South East | Buckinghamshire Various dates (see below)
Archaeological skillsHands-on activity, Performance, Family fun
This July the Cowper and Newton Museum will be getting down and dirty for our two new Archaeology Weekends! Both Saturdays (13th and 27th) we encourage you to bring any of your archaeological objects to be identified by our visiting Finds Liason Officer and her team of metal detectorists. [...] Website:
These families are exhorted to "bring any of your archaeological objects", as if most British families have a whole box of them under the bed in the spare room. The prospect of "getting down and dirty" with ex-schoolteacher Ros Tyrell and her beep-beep boys somehow does not appeal, neither does it sound like "family fun", nor- come to that- an "archaeological skill".

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