Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Yasmine el-Shazly Interviews

Way back two years ago, I replied to a letter mentioning me written by Dr Yasmine el Shazly in which I suspect I was a little harsh. She did not exactly come over too well in what she wrote, perhaps too I did not fully appreciate the background to what she was writing. I was therefore interested to see a series of You Tube videos from Egyptian English-language breakfast TV (state-owned Nile International TV). She turns out to be an extremely photogenic and articulate lady with some good ideas and an amazing laugh. The first three videos have pretty bad quality and they all have annoying musical interludes, but are worth watching. 

Breakfast 16 11 2012 Yasmin El Shazly (rather bad sound quality)
(mentions "reading and listening to all the horrible things people say about the museum", oh dear...)


Breakfast 1-3-2013 Part (6) Dr.Yasmin elshazly (sadly not the best quality)

 Breakfast 1-3-2013 Part (7) Dr.Yasmin elshazly  (appears to be blank)


Women's World 26-4-2013 Yasmin El Shazly (part one)
Dr el Shazly appears here, after a report on an excavation at Sakkara. 

        Thumbnail 10:09

     Women's World 264-2013 Yasmin El Shazly (part 3)


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