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Syria (2), Evidence of Looting from Google Earth as of 5th May 2013, Central and Western (coastal) regions

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Central/Western region

Hama Governorate (44 sites, mostly in west, listed on ANE placemarks)

  detected (photos)

Apamea [35°25'24.53"N  36°24'1.89"E], the site has been extensively looted. There are no clear traces of this beginning in the photos of the central regions in 15/9/2007 and 20/7/2007, the areas of irregularities seem to be spoil heaps and old excavations. Looting of the site had however already begun, outside the walled area to the east of the main site and on the shores of Apamea lake to the southeast (I presume a cemetery area) .

(the neighbouring site Tell Jiffar - 35°25'9.70"N   36°26'20.21"E - is also looted, but is in the adjacent governate)

Tell Braidij [ 35°23'17.08"N  36°27'51.91"E] - damaged by (military?) earthworks on top, holes on the flanks.
Salba [35°20'6.08"N  36°26'46.94"E] extensive spread of holes
Tell Latmin [ 35°21'38.53"N  36°39'14.42"E], some holes, but digging may have started here before 2010
unnamed site 7km SE of Hama [35° 5'28.74"N  36°48'43.34"E], could be quarrying.
Tell Taibet el-Ism [ 35°19'15.37"N 36°51'46.98"E], holes on northern flanks, but they were there in 2007. 
Tell el-'Aoueir [ 35° 9'44.35"N  36°54'52.89"E], holes on the edges, though it seems these are tree-planting holes from before 2007.
Er-Rubba [35° 7'54.96"N 36°58'54.08"E] - extensive scatter of holes on east side of site, these were here before 2007 (2004?) but there is clearly renewed digging here between August 2010 and Feb 2012 and possibly later.
Tell Tamak [35°10'18.65"N  37° 2'35.49"E], I am not clear what the grey spots are here. There are similar marks in the fields northeast, and they extend quite a distance from the site and also appear in other areas in the region. probably not looters' holes.
Tell Sna [35° 7'20.23"N 37° 7'9.62"E], there is a cemetery here, and some holes on the northern edge and on the eastern margin of the tell surface. These probably are related to other uses of the site than looting (?).
Tell el-Agharr [35°13'25.82"N 37°13'9.09"E], holes on northern margin, may not be looting-related. Vague marks on southern edge too.

Tartus Governorate  (12 sites listed on ANE placemarks, mostly along coastal strip)

 Only on one site, Tell Ghamqa [34°52'18.69"N 35°53'14.72"E] were holes detected, but these are off site (the site itself was badly damaged by military earthworks before 2010)

Latakia Governorate  (13 sites listed on ANE placemarks, mostly along coastal strip)

No looters' holes detected.

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