Saturday, 18 May 2013

What can you expect? A Respectable Business Would....

Recently, respectable second hand car dealer Kumar and Sons of Gasworks Lane, Clapham, had some problems with the law. A car they'd received from "Dell Boy" Trotter who'd got it from "Diamond Dick" Staggers turned out, like the one they'd got from the two of them the month previously, to have been stolen the week before. As a result, the Kumars were cautioned. What can a buyer expect to have happened when the Kumars put another car on the forecourt which they'd got from Trotter who said it had come from Staggers?

David Gill asks the same about (I presume, upcoming) antiquities sales in London- "Due diligence and collecting histories"

Vignette: "Honest Kevvie" Kumar, you can trust him, surely?

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