Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hoard Hunters Season 1 Episode 1 "Roman Riches"


Hoard Hunters, Season one, episode 1: "Roman Riches" May 28, 2013 10pm  

Plot: In this episode the boys are focussed on a hoard of 1400 Roman bronze coins unearthed near Turvey, Bedfordshire in December 2006. The coins date from the middle of the 4th century towards the end of the Roman Empire in Britain. Some coins in the hoard have a propaganda message stamped across them: ‘happy days are here again’; others are emblazoned with the names of two Roman usurpers Agnentius and Decentius. Gary and Gordon are keen to return to the site with their state-of-the-art technology in the hope of finding missed coins; Gordon even believes there’s an opportunity to find a whole new hoard.
Vignette: UK metal detecting's new stars.


Nathan Elkins said...

It is well known that the FEL TEMP REPARATIO types conveyed an ideological message as did most Roman imperial coins. Absolutely nothing new there.

So what is the intellectual contribution in terms of coin iconography? Is iconography better understood by adding hundreds or even thousands more decontextualized coins of an already common type to market and or existing corpus as the ACCGers might have us believe? How? How do they "derive their own context" as they put it?

Paul Barford said...

Well, I am sure "the archaeologist" on the show will explain it for us all. Maybe Rger Bland will make a guest appearance in each episode praising Gary Brun's "responsibility" ...

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