Friday, 31 May 2013

Dealer AW Advises the Taliban

Over in the US, "AW, a scholar-dealer", writes on a lobbyist's blog, offering the help of collectors taking cultural property off the hands of those inclined to destroy it:
When the Taliban return to power in Afghanistan, as they possibly will once the US leaves with all its subsidies(sic), let's hope that they act in a more civilized manner about heritage. Instead of smashing everything with hammers, they should just call in Sotheby's and Christie's and arrange that all those blasphemous objects be taken away and sold, providing loads of money so that the indigent can receive clothing and other aid they might not have.
But, were not the Taliban already selling stuff off before? Museum objects were appearing on the market in Pakistan, there was at least one "Taliban coin hoard". Maybe semi-nonymous "scholar-dealer AW" or a pal once handled some items from it and wants more?

I rather think that "AW" for all the "interest in other cultures" he'd presumably claim his collecting represents, seems not really to have grasped the first (indeed quite fundamental) thing about Islam, Sunni Islam in particular and its notion of šhirk.  

I wonder whether "AW" knows his Bible? Deuteronomy 7:25 would certainly be applicable here. 

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