Saturday, 11 May 2013

Heritage UKIP: "Britain triumphs over the rest of the world!"

 A while back the public had to raise £3.3 million pounds to give two people a “reward” for finding and handing over national treasure that never belonged to them. Now, 4 years later a team of archaeologists has been paid to visit the site a second time to find more of it and they’ve done so. So another public appeal is having to be made in order to raise a further £57,395 to pay to the same two people. Nothing wrong with that. Nor with the fact the two new millionaires haven’t renounced their right to receive it. It’s the British way, and it’s the law innit? As is everything that is done legally in the name of metal detecting in Britain. Be proud! It’s the rest of the world, which foolishly imposes clear, fair, rational, conservation-related statutory rules on all elements of metal detecting, that is utterly misguided.
Almost as if British heritage policy was being written already by UKIP.  This is clearly bananas, when will Britons wake up and decide to bring the management (I use the term loosely) of the heritage back on track?


Anonymous said...

An interesting question Paul. I guess the answer is - for as long as the main parties don't think it's worth the bother.

I can see them being shaken out of their torpor if UKIP took it up though. I'm not exactly a UKIP fan but it would be desperately ironic if they did as I'm willing to wager a massive percentage of artefact hunters support them!

Paul Barford said...

monocultural UKIP fascists to a man is my guess.

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