Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Better Out...

On a metal detecting forum near you (for example in the thread: " Re: Hoard Hunters - Metal Detecting on TV" at Tue May 28, 2013 11:20 pm) member "Gwawrer" (proud "Member of Cheshire Metal Detecting Society") has a noteworthy comment:  
Its better out of the ground and in your hand for the history or monetary value rather than left in the ground to rot doing nothing for anyone.
Sort of like osprey eggs then, better in an egg collector's pocket than left up a tree "doing nuffing for anyone"? Does the PAS do no outreach at all about the conservation of the archaeological resource among these folk?  Among anyone?

Vignette: Osprey nest, "collectables up a tree" for some, something to be conserved for the rest of us.


Unknown said...

How can you compare someone stealing eggs and potentially killing birds, to finding history and sharing for people to enjoy. If that's your only example then you have no argument.

Unknown said...

How can you compare stealing eggs and killing birds to finding history and sharing it for others to enjoy. If that's your only arguement then you have none.

Paul Barford said...

So the guy read all the way through my post, and then comes up with "finding history and sharing it for others to enjoy"?

Maybe the PAS could have some lessons with their partners too on distinguishing illustrative analogy from argument?

Now, Mr Phil, what's this about other people "enjoying" what you and ten thousand of yer mates have dug up from the archaeological record? Have you not read on this blog about the fact that most of the archaeological artefacts removed by this exploitive hobby are never seen again by ANYONE? Or did you not read that far?

I am talking here about conserving the sites though, aren't I? So "killing the Osprey" is a perfect analogy, both the Osprey whose nest is emptied of eggs by collectors and an archaeological site emptied into your pockets are both a non-renewable resource. Both are killed by the type of exploitation by collectors I am talking about.

Your artefact hunting mates "find history" and kill it, egg collectors "find nature" and kill it. There is no difference.

Next time you show your haul, ask the Cheshire PAS for an honest and fuller answer than "ignore him".

Unknown said...

With the greatest respect to Mr Paul Barford, and I've only come across this whilst searching for an Approved Find Recording Form aceptible / useful in recording finds with the PAS - I suggest you make yourself a cup of tea, sit down to your computer and read the article in the above link - as you will most probably skip through it the first time then read it through again and digest it thoroughly - I also suggest that you might like to contact Devons FLO, indeed with others up and down the country and discuss your very disparageing (I might need spell check - I only went to a Public School)and narrow minded view with the likes of them - you'll perhaps realise that there are definitely 2 sides to the metaphorical coin. There's also very few archaeologists that haven't got their own little 'collections' stashed away in their homes and many do a bit of wheeling and dealing on the quiet just like
some of our lesser liked fringe detectorists.
As a matter of courtesy you should refrain from taking the p***s out of those who are less well educated than yourself.
Richard Holladay, Chudleigh, Devon

Paul Barford said...

Thanks, I am all too familiar with Mr Blunt's ancient "detractors" text, you will find I wrote about it back in 2011. I really find it difficult to fathom why you think it would be a new text to me.

I have not had the pleasure of discussing any of these issues with the Devon FLO, but will quite happily of he or she is up to it (PAS FLOs generally try to avoid addressing such issues though).

I note you do not offer anything from yourself, just referring me to the opinions of others. Why?

As for the "arkies have there collections" trope, I really could not give a tinkers. .

These accusations turn up time after time from you lot, but NEVER with any names given. None of what you are saying happens is illegal in the UK, so you can safely name names, can't you? Or are you just repeating unverified tekkie chitchat as "fact"? I have two confirmed names (ST and AM), how many have you got and what are they?

I do not think it is just "fringe detectorists" sell finds. Almost all who have found Treasure end up accepting the reward, what is that if its not selling back to the British public what is already theirs? About 800 a year.

I reserve the right to take the mickey out of whomsoever I like on my blog. It's my blog.

Unknown said...

Your a complete dick head

Paul Barford said...

but at least I can spell and punctuate.

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