Thursday, 23 May 2013

Friends of the Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo now has a Friends group. "Friends of the Egyptian Museum aims to offer support to the management of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, and to cooperate with the Ministry of State for Antiquities Affairs to achieve four main aims:
To establish a wide reaching support /OR/ structured support network for the Museum with other institutions and individuals through projects and protocols of cooperation.
To foster Museum projects and academic research through fundraising and support.
To empower Museum staff.
To generate public interest in the Museum and Egyptian heritage. 
We hope the Friends of the Egyptian Museum will be able to support our beloved museum through this very difficult time in Egypt's history.
This is the link to the Friends of the Egyptian Museum page. Please note that it still needs some work".

It seems there are a lot of concerns to be addressed: Sarah El-Rashidi, 'Egypt’s ancient artefacts crumble', Al Ahram 23 May 2013

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