Wednesday 9 November 2016

Big Jump in Finds made by Oxfordshire Artefact Hunters?

Intriguing figures, straight from an FLO's mouth:
2 godz.2 godziny temu
Busy couple of months-400 finds recorded rally, 10 new treasure cases and over 400 finds from local finders in last week!
Well, the database says she's made 210 records since first of August, so I do not know where these claims can be checked. Also if you search for all the records made by Ms Byard on rallies since the first of  January, the number seems to be a grand total of 82 not '400'. The first record in the database by Anni Byard is noted as having been created on Monday 15th September 2008, which means her  6,030 records to date have been created over a period of 3340 days. That's 12.6 a week. Just what is going on in Oxfordshire? 

Anyway, '400 finds a week' submitted by an unknown number of collectors to just one FLO alone, if true, would rather tend to suggest that the Heritage Action Artefact Erosion Counter might be ticking over rather too slowly to reflect the actual rate artefacts are being hoiked from the archaeological record and pocketed by collectors in the UK. Perhaps we need some more official figures from the PAS instead of silly conferences asking tritely whether artefact hunters can become firemen - or whatever.

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