Sunday 6 November 2016

Brexit Means Brexit, Leave off British Museum, you are not wanted here

Heritage Action ask, quite rightly ('why is PAS lobbying against Europe’s conservation laws?' 5th November 2016)
Why are the French, Germans, Dutch, Spanish, Poles, Italians, Swedish and Irish being lobbied by a small British quango [...] Why on earth has PAS become part of a campaign run by detectorists to persuade two dozen sovereign European countries to rip up their laws on metal detecting?
It would be nice to hear an answer from that museum in Bloomsbury just what they think they are playing at, in the name - apparently of the British people. You want to exit fromEurope, then keep your idiotic insular ideas to yourselves, please. Get your own house in order before you try to tell us how we 'should' be running ours.

Vignette: just a little island off the coast of Europe

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