Saturday 12 November 2016

Archaeothugs agin Thugwit-Partners?

Breaking News: PAS debate in Ireland cancelled as British guest speakers “bullied”! Heritage Journal 12/11/2016
According to “Irish Metal Detecting” on Facebook….. A public debate on the UK Portable Antiquities Scheme at a venue in Blanchardstown Crowne plaza was rearranged due to intimidation of guest speakers from the uk. The debate arranged by the Irish Metal Detecting Society was open to the public and archaeologists and of course those who enjoy the hobby of metal detecting. While the debate was cancelled a number archaeologists decided to meet with Liam Nolan (event organizer) privately to express their concern at the cancellation of the debate and the reasons why it was cancelled. A number of politicians have also expressed concern at the cancellation and have agreed to look further into the matter.
but the archaeologists and politicians wanting to enable artefact pocketers who want to do what is currently ILLEGAL there asked that their names not be released.

No doubt these thin-skinned head-patters are afraid too of being 'bullied' (by which they mean criticised).

Vignette: Is this how it really is?


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