Thursday 24 November 2016

BM Still Thinking about it....

The BM is taking a longish time to work out what their "partnership" with metal detectorists should look like...

Dear Dr Lewis,
The PAS took part in the inauguration of the European Council of Metal Detectorists in April this year. I’d like to quote what they wrote on their recent activity in Poland:

"metal detecting in Poland is a growing hobby, enjoyed by thousands, in a need of precise and sensible laws and regulations. European Council for Metal Detecting will do it’s best to play an active part in advising our Polish colleagues on how to reach a workable compromise with archaeologists".

In the lght of the involvement of the BM, through the Scheme, in its creation, can you please tell me the OFFICIAL (quotable) standpoint of the Portable Antiquities Scheme and the British Museum towards the ECMD and the creation of the Polish Metal Detecting Federation and their attempts to create what they call "precise and sensible laws and regulations" and a "workable compromise with archaeologists" in the EU. What kind of "compromise" do you think European countries such as Poland should contemplate, and why?

Is, perhaps, PAS support of this initiative why you refuse to answer my five perfectly civil questions?    Does an interested party researching material for a presentation now have to put in another FOI request to get even simple answers from the Scheme about the promotion of ‘best practice’?

None of your staff (copied) seem to have much to say about how high recording levels could be assured - which is a bit disappointing for me, but perhaps a source of satisfaction for you. But the possible reasons for that will be an interesting talking point.

Thank you

Paul Barford

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