Thursday 3 November 2016

Four arrested for illegal antiquities trading

Four people were arrested in Attic, Greece Wednesday for illegally trading in antiquities and drug smuggling in a police sting operation. One member of the gang was captured in a central Athens hotel as he tried to complete the 200,000 euros deal concerning ancient artefacts with an undercover agent whom he believed to be a dealer. The middleman's accomplice, the get-away driver waiting outside the hotel in a car, was also detained. The third suspect was a gang member who supplied the objects to the middleman in the hotel earlier in the day, and with him a woman was also detained ('Four arrested for illegal antiquities trading' Ekathimerini 2nd November 2016.

It is notable that once again we see an organized criminal gang dealing in both artefacts and illicit narcotics, which seems these days to be a recurring pattern.Yet once again at the consumer end of the chain, we find a dealer in 'classical' artefacts, so precisely what these folk were attempting to sell, decrying attempts to cut down on the illicit trade in artefacts merely as 'the utter and unconscionable folly of pandering to insensate and foolish "political correctness"...' and pledging to fight these efforts until ('and beyond') death... .

Zombie ancient coin dealers, now that's something to think about...

Vignette: Zombies the only thing standing between the illicit coin trade and decency?

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