Tuesday 8 November 2016

Loutish Louth 'Archaeology': Grave Dug Like Potatoes in Lincolnshire

Another excavation of findspot of nationally-important 'treasure'
of execrable quality. Stop trampling the spoil. Who taught the Brits
how to dig like that? Not Phil Barker. But PAS is slowly learning
something, not a carrier bag in sight this time.

Nicola Harley, 'Anglo-Saxon treasure trove discovered in potato field' Telegraph 5 November 2016
A hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasure, including a pendant worth over £50,000, which is believed to have belonged to an important ruler have been discovered in a potato field. A gold pendant, two bronze bowls and iron weaponry, including a spear head, two arrow heads and the fragments of a sword have been found by metal detector enthusiast Alan Smith. [...] They were in [a] burial mound in the field near Louth. “This is a once in a life time discovery," said Dr Daubney. "The finds date to the Seventh Century – a time when the elite in society were often being buried in barrows – small artificial mounds of earth. "The individual would either have been placed into a grave within the mound, or perhaps even into a chamber which was then covered over. "This form of burial is a powerful display of status; not only was the individual being buried with a large amount of wealth, the burial mound also became a permanent feature in the landscape.[...] Experts at the British Museum are assessing the value of the discovery but it is estimated to be worth thousands of pounds.
Lesson learnt peeps, target all the burial mounds you can, you people and you too can hit it rich and get your local FLO spouting facile rubbish. Of course this is not a Treasure 'Trove' but a grave that is being dug like potatoes in a potato field. This is just grave robbing by metal detector. And when are these stories not going to start and end with the thousands-of-pounds theme?

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