Wednesday 30 November 2016

Smug Collector Dismisses Rights of the 'Brown Skinned Foreigners'

Smug Washington collector on the recent Egypt MOU on artefact importation into US market:
47 min.47 minut temu 
11th hour Obama Admin gift to Egypt's dictators and archaeological lobby.
91% of comments to CPAC ignored.
 Well, it looks more to me that this is done to benefit to people of the country whose heritage is being taken away by culture thieves to sell to (among others) smug American dealers who make profit out of supplying decontextualised bits of it to smug Washington collectors. As Peter Stone puts it:
Protecting cultural heritage is not only important to specialised academic interests, heritage represents communal memory, and access to it has recently been argued to be a human right by the UN’s special rapporteur for cultural rights.
And of course it is local access to it which is denied by smug people abroad pinching huge swathes of it to fill their trophy rooms and pockets.

And yes, let us ignore the arguments of that rather disreputable kneejerk crowd 310 copy-and-past mongers (dealers and collectors for the most part) who see nothing wrong with an irresponsible no-questions-asked trade in unpapered artefacts from an area as heavily looted as post-2011 Egypt. You can get all their names here:

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