Sunday 20 November 2016

The PAS and their Wrong Outreach

In connection with tomorrow's facile fluff-conference organized by the Portable Antiquities Scheme, I thought I'd just put up a picture of an amateur fieldwork group in action using surface material to create knowledge, instead of a personal collection:

'Oooh look, no Treasure rewards, no EBaying, no secrecy, no selfish motivation, no flattery. no dodgy stats, no cammo, no pockets, yet all the funding and praise and promotion is being dished out elsewhere!' ( Heritage Action, 'The wrong Portable Antiquities Conference is being held tomorrow!' 20/11/2016)

But to be honest, considering the evident depth of the blinkered self-delusion among the supporters of the PAS, I do not expect that a single archaeologist present at tomorrow's event will be expounding on the difference. 

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