Thursday 11 June 2020

"Keep Digging", All about YOU, or Responsible Detecting

In Boris' UK, some
people want to carry
on as before while
thousands die. Others
behave responsibly
Metal detectorist  Sarah-Love McAllan from Arbroath has made a find and wanted to tell somebody all about it, but it seems instead of contacting the archaeologists, she decided to go to Fudgie's Facebook page:  
Went back to look for more of the bronze sword. .. starting to think there may be more than one.
Joe Sloan  Looks like you've got a least two dirks/swords.. Think they're mixed up in this photo.. The patina doesn't match up. 
So all the better reason to start detailed recording. 
Benny Bennett Exciting times for you.... I wonder what else is hiding under there for you Nigel Warren Snr Keep looking m8, most likely there is more, closer to the water source the better. would have been about 26 ins long, I don't see any handle parts so that might be full if u find it,[...] nice find.
"mate",., "handle parts"? This is exactly what the UK government guidelines were talking about. Sarah-Love, please mark the spot, record what you've done and where exactly the find is, don't tell anyone about it (ooo difficult innit?) except the archaeologists and when it is safe to do so (after the second, third wave, whatever has passed), arrange for the find to be properly recorded. Is that so difficult to understand? THIS is what "responsible detecting" is.

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