Sunday 7 June 2020

The Metal Detectorist and the Nazis

A right-wing Brexit-supporting UK metal detectorist who sees my concern for the historical environment and living in Poland in the Heart of Europe as allegedly a symptom of 'Crypto-Communist' tendencies has just admitted on his blog that in the mid-80s he was an Associate Member of an organisation of émigré Poles associated with the Polish 'government in exile' (sic). This was engaged in an attempt to subvert the existing status quo (and "in the Name of God and the Virgin Mary, Queen of Poland") encouraged Polish youth to learn how to serve "their" Poland, "how to love Polish speech, tradition and customs, and how to be proud of our history throughout the millennia", and so they can righteously "serve" under the red-and-white flag "as befits true Poles, whose call is GOD, HONOUR, FATHERLAND!"

These people are the result of this foreign support:

Gdansk ONR, Supported by metal detectorist 
"The Communists" have long gone, but these people with their narrow mentalities remain to pollute the political scene in this part of Europe.

Strange bedfellows these UK metal detectorists choose.

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