Tuesday 16 June 2020

More MDF Boasts About Irresponsible Detecting on Permanent Pasture

On a metal detecting forum near you, detectorist ricasso ([Mike Arnold] Tue Jun 16, 2020 8:19 am) seems to be another of that strange breed of folk that want you to call him a "responsible detectorist", but has not the foggiest what the Code of Best Practice for responsible Metal Detecting in England and Wales actually says, because he's not read it and apparently does not intend to follow it:
I found this on some pasture that has never seen a plow (sic) and has history going back to at least Medieval, it is on a small estate and close to the main house which has been in constant occupation since the 1400s, normally it would end up in the scrap pile but there was something about it that intrigued me, it was only about 6 inches down (avarage depth of soil until underlying stone) I thought maybe some sort of mole trap or even alarm gun? the 'lid' isnt hinged but it looks like something was hinged on the back, the bottom is flat.
What does "has history going back to at least Medieval" mean? That it was under the sea before then?  Note he says that normally artefacts "end up in the scrap pile" unless one takes his particular fancy. What value is a PAS database that comprises only the "prettiest" pieces from a site?


Brian Mattick said...

But not detecting on pasture that hasn't been ploughed for ages is a recommendation by mere archaeologists and the Government.

He's a detectorist see, and no doubt a member of one of the two detecting organisations - both of which refuse to endorse the official Code.

So why the blue blazes shouldn't he act like a destructive yob?

Paul Barford said...

and you will note that none of the comments under that post even mention the Code !!! "Responsible detectorists"? If Mr Rix was to kick the members that had no idea about behaving "responsibly" off his forum, he'd just have me and a few other UK archaeologists that joined to observe what they are up to as members!

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