Saturday 27 June 2020

UK Metal Detectorists Flogging Off the Heritage because Museums can't Afford to Pay the Treasure Ransom

"Not in it for the money", is what most metal detectorists in the UK will tell you, some will strut about demonstratively making sure everyone sees that they give the proceeds of their finds "to charity" but right at the top of Google you can still find: 
Metal Detector Finds for sale | › ... › British › Metal Detector Finds
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Click, and you find that right now it's 1,014 results starting with this:

The listings start with this "13 century Medieval gold sapphire ring metal detector find ", from a seller in  Leicester, , United Kingdom:
Mowsley Ring, PAS 2012
This amazing ring was found by myself in 2012 . It's has been in the papers , magazines , and featured on the antiques road show . Disclaimed by the museum through lack of funds and now offered on the open market. Known as the Mowsley ring it can be found on the web with a newspaper article Extremely rare due to the size of the stone and weighing in at 5.6 grams Valued by Jeoffrey mun on the roadshow a few years ago at 10k. Fantastic investment with all documents , reports and provenance. I restore classic cars and bikes so will consider any deal
Interestingly, he gives the Antiques Roadshow valuation as the basis for the asking price £10 000.00, not the TVC's which the museum decided it could not raise. And the Treasure number is not given [missing info: (2012 T245, PAS ID: LEIC-C03C23)]. Now interestingly, the TVC estimated it as 3000 quid.

Then, specially for Sophie Flynn: JoJo's Jewellery of Weston-super-Mare  has these "RARE gold LUNA EARRINGS metal detecting FIND STUNNING RARE HISTORIC ITEM, METAL DETECTING IN ESSEX OTHER FINDS ALSO LISTED”. No mention here of any Treasure process.  £780.00. If these weree real, they'd be a bit of Essex history under the hammer but Ms Flynn has petulantly let PAS Head office know that she does not with me to contact her to discuss artefacts or anything else.... ah well... there's British archaeological "professionalism" for you. "My FLO", Ha!

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