Tuesday 9 June 2020

Scottish Metal Detectorists Behaving in the Parks

Citizens want to know: What can we do when park restrictions are lifted? What are the Do's and Dont's in Edinburgh's parks? (Edinburgh Live, by Joe Smith, 8 JUN 2020)
The sunny weather and easing lockdown rules are set to lure more of us out to enjoy Edinburgh's parks [...] many peoples thoughts will be turning towards our city's green spaces. [...]
What can't you do?
[...] No damaging parks: "Any wilful or careless act which damages or removes any artefact, plant, tree, shrub, building, structure, equipment, furniture or fitting." [...] No metal detecting "without the written permission of the Scottish Detector Club, subject to an agreement between the Council and the Scottish Detector Club being valid."
So if you get the permission from the Scottish Detector Club, you can detect metal objects below the turf, but you are not allowed to remove any artefact. And what has the SDC got to do with anything? That'd be like "No digging up of wild flowers in Kew Gardens without the written permission of the English Wild Flower Unlimited Removal Club". I presume the usual Code principles apply, and detecting will be taking place only on parkland that is under the plough, not grass. 

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