Sunday 2 May 2021

Deus ex Machina: Ged Dodd's Showoff Bale Seal Database


Over on Facebook, Russian Bale seals found in England

Peace Havens Project

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Peace Havens Project is for the primary purpose of identifying Russian flax and hemp bale seals by the reknowned identification expert Ged Dodd, and no one else.
Ged is over 80 years old now and his time is valuable so please take note.
This is not a normal free-for-all facebook page... and viewer comments, however well intentioned, only cause confusion ,, and are not allowed. Ged is the expert.
It is essential you should send in a photo of the seal, front and back, and where it was found to get a proper identification. Ged has nearly 7000 seals on his database to compare with ... but this is changing with every new seal.
Ged Dodd identifies the seals and comments are posted by Jed Dodd and Earl James... so if you want the best identification in the world .. and want to add to the history of the 17th/19th Industrial Revolution ... then you are in the right place..
Anyone not willing to follow these rules, or are unsure about the origin of the seal, should post on the bag seal identifier at .  
Data utworzenia grupy: 13 czerwca 2015  


Reguły grupy od administratorów

Identifying Seals
Ged Dodd is the world's leading authority on Russian flax and hemp bale seals. His time is extremely valuable. You must post a photo of the front and back and where found of each seal. Multiple posts are confusing and will be deleted as time wasting.

Earl James

A confusing and wrong comment made by a new member has been removed. Please read the rules .. Please do not post what you think it is .. it only confuses members and will be deleted. This is 
Ged Dodd
's personal site .. it is not a forum .. that can be found at where you can comment on lead bag seals and make mistakes 24/7

The member himself, a Russian detectorist, was removed after one day's membership. "Rules are rules" they said... before they then deleted the announcement saying they'd chucked him out for suggesting a seal could be read another way than that proposed by Mr Dodd.  

It seems the idea of challenging an identification does not exist here. That's apparently the way to maintain the image of "world renown" in tekkie circles, just keep the alternative views (including from Russia) out. "Citizen archaeology" that is not. 

There is also the problem of creating what I assume is intended to be a resource, when the contents of the pages is mutable from moment to moment. One moment a piece of information is there, then at a click of somebody's mouse, it has gone, and something else is in its place. Unless there is some way of logging changes (such as exists on Wikipedia), that basically makes this tekkie-run online database  worthless for any kind of serious research and a waste of everybody's time, except as a show-and-tell so tekkie Ged Dodd can show off. 

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