Tuesday 18 May 2021

Two "Scummy Snakes" Found Among the UK's Grabby Treasure Hunters


With its usual lack of grammar, the commercial artefact hunting company "Let's go Digging" is telling its members that they "caught" ("the") two members of stakeholder organisations who were  looking over their shoulders in the public interest. They are congratulating themselves. Guys, you may try to do all your "not in it fer th' munny" "responsibule detectink" behind closed doors on a dark web of your own manufacture. But be sure, you are being watched. Oh yes. 

LGD your "success" is everybody else's loss, and one day you will be called to account. 

'Getting you lot out on the treasure'.....

Oh, so not the history then?

And who would willingly belong to a group that is so aware of the wrong it is doing that they cannot show their face in public?

(and are the hoikers really sure that IF Heritage Action had someone in there watching and listening while they discussed how they were going to pocket Britain's archaeological heritage, that they got the right guys, and got all of them? Probably safer to delete membership of anyone that can spell


Brian Mattick said...

What is the average population of a nest of vipers?

Hougenai said...

About 20,000 if official estimates are to be believed.
Now PAS have advertised the 'Thar's treasure in them thar 'ills (fields and pastures)' for 20 odd years, some consider this an underestimate.

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