Thursday 20 May 2021

Impossible Title


You go to a motorbike show organised in the grounds of the local orphanage, the ticket money goes towards looking after the kids. You decide to buy one, pay the cash, drive off on a shiny new green bike. Eighteen months later you decide to buy a red one with a bigger engine. But there's a problem, you've not got the documents for it showing you have title. The organiser of the event has  a blanket agreement that all deals done on the premises are legal and binding. But the man who wants to buy the green bike is worried about accepting that, as he was not a participant of the show, and the document does not cover him at all. Well, that was a bit stupid then, wasn't it? Seen on a mertal detecting forum near you:

Post by Jagtor » Tue Aug 18, 2020 10:22 am
For any thinking of attending paid for digs just make sure the organiser has written agreements in place as to the ownership of finds and above what value finds are to shared with the landowner. Worth looking at “Let’s-Go-Digging” as to how it should be done.
Is that the same as "below what value you don't need an export licence legally to send archaeological artefacts out of the country"? I think that in fact most metal detectorists selling dugup coins and whatpot to US buyers don't pay much attention to either issue of legality. A document in the Rally Organiser's pocket does NOT give Baz Thugwit title to an artefact he's just walked off with. Neither can he export archaeological finds without a UK export licence. Lex dura, maybe, sed lex. There are millions of improperly-obtained artefacts in personal collections, and who actually cares? It's probably why this issue is tucked away in a corner of the PAS website where... oh, hang on...



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Brian Mattick said...

"Worth looking at “Let’s-Go-Digging” as to how it should be done"

Wow, that's dreadful. Most rallies say "you can keep anything below £300" which is in itself unjustified but LGD says you can keep 10x that amount. It's certainly "how it should be done" if "it" is the farmer.

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