Saturday 22 May 2021

In Today's World, Everything has a Value, but Values go out of the Window


Over 30 percent of the world’s nearly 1,500 cactus species are threatened with extinction. Unscrupulous collection is the primary driver of that decline, affecting almost half of imperilled species (Rachel Nuwer, 'Global Cactus Traffickers Are Cleaning Out the Deserts' Times,  May 20, 2021). Just the same as the trashing of the archaeological record under the noses of acquiescent archaeologists. 

Vignette: Cactus hunting without destruction 

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Brian Mattick said...

Sorry Paul, such comparisons annoy me hugely. Cacti, butterflies, birds and orchids all have a chance of survival through reproduction and even extinct species may be replenished from seed banks, but smashed sites and unreported artefacts are absolute losses and right now large numbers of utter scrotes are out doing exactly that while British archaeologists torture language to give the impression things are OK.

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