Wednesday 5 May 2021

NCMD Held to Account [Updated]


The twitter account Detector Network ( @DetectorNetwork) "The New Social Platform For Metal Detecting Worldwide" has 1444 followers, and up to now has mostly posted pictures of detecting finds. This morning, though, it changed tack in an interesting direction

The NCMD has refused to endorse the "Code of Best Practice for Responsible Metal Detecting in England and Wales" (2017) and prefers to judge best practice for itself (based on gates shut and holes filled rather than any archaeological nonsense).

For the past decade or more the NCMD has steadfastly refused to engage with any initiative that would advance collaboration with archaeologists, the heritage sector or the wider non-collecting public.

UPDATE 5th May 2021 evening
Now it seems the whole account has been deleted. Speak ill of the NCMD in the UK detecting world, it seems, that spells trouble. Now I know nothing about the free grub and booze allegations, but will say that I too would like to hear about those third party insurance payouts (as I am sure landowners also will), and there are questions to be answered about the refusal to endose the Code of Best Practice".

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Brian Mattick said...

Well, that's a bit of fun! Peoples Front for Heritage Depletion tries to discredit Heritage Depletion Peoples Front!

Shame they haven't done the J'accuse thing about NCMD's real misbehaviour: refusing to sign the proper Code of Conduct and concocting their own looky-likey fiddle-rich code to enable their members to pretend to farmers it's the proper, responsible one.

Just how much damage and farmer-fooling has that enabled, bearing in mind almost every club and detectorist seem to utilise the pretend one? In most countries such calculated misleading would be criminal whereas here, not only is it legal but PAS et al seem to have done nothing to warn farmers to beware of false expressions of valour.

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