Friday 7 May 2021

Selling Father's Collection

I have become quite interested in two groups of British Early Medieval coins currently on the market, possibly with a thought to writing something about them. One of the dealers who seems to have a lot of them has just placed some new examples on sale on eBay and one caught my eye, I wanted to look up its parallels. So I started 'watching' it. Within an hour or two, I got a nice message from eBay that the seller wanted to make me an offer - in fact halving the sale price to a pretty reasonable (if not bargain) level if the coin is real. The information about the seller says: "based in Spain, this seller has been an eBay member since Sep 05, 1999". He has feedback on 2,924 transactions. The auction I was watching says it would be sent from "Thailand", which would be a bit of a puzzle if you were a buyer. So I wrote to him:
Re Mercia, Wiglaf (second reign 830-840), Anglo-saxons Penny. VERY Rare
Thanks for the offer, I see you are based in Thailand, but have a large number of really rather desirable early hammered coins from England. Are they part of some kind of a hoard? How did they get to Thailand? Were they legally obtained there, and are they genuine? Thanks
And just so future clients can have some peace of mind, I thought I'd post his reply which explains it all away very nicely:
No, well some of them yes, but the main collection (26 kg of coins) were of my father that died of corona last year. Some come with invoices (of london coins and spink principally), but those i have not start to sell still. I was living in germany, but due the laws that do not allow to export anything more than 99 years old, and after having a sovereign seized because i had not invoice, was considered looted. I lost the 400p0 us and the coin, i decided to emigrate to sell the big collection.

Here there are no restrictions for selling, and no taxes. Of course i can not get same prices as from germany, but at least they will not finish seized. I take out from europe via Spain.

I expect all of them are genuine, bit it depends of the opinion. I got some returns over the time, but the opinions are free. Legaly obtained? Well, there are a little of all, some were bought to local persons in uk, others in auctions, and others i do not have documents (the mayor part) or if i have i am unable to find. The old invoices are cryptic for me, hand writen and without pictures. Anyay 26 kg of anglosaxons coins are too much to be able identify, i go slowly and using
One disquieting note: an 'average' Anglo-Saxon penny weighs 1.3-1.5g, that's over 17000 coins - while the entire PAS database has only 10,800 Early Medieval coins in it from 25 years metal detecting and reporting. .. .

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