Friday 21 May 2021

Intelligence Test Needed for Metal Detector Licences

Southampton tekkie "not in it fer th' munny" of course. 

When licencing is introduced for artefact hunting, it should be subject to intelligence tests. In Southampton, terrified families were evacuated earlier on this week from their homes as Army sets up 50-metre cordon after an idiot metal detectorist tries to sell a live WWII German bomb on eBay. 'How long before someone is killed because of this irresponsible behaviour?" ask We Dig Heritage. The British experience of the Second World War is very different from the Polish, here, every year at least one metal detectorist dies during interaction with unstable WW2 munitions. Sadly, including one of my former students. This is of course one more reason to introduce a permit system, cutting down the public damage done by artefact hunting.



Brian Mattick said...

"Condition: Used."


Paul Barford said...

Condition is also: "usable", which is why he should be charged.

Hougenai said...

Perhaps it's condition'Unstable', allowing for the usual tekkie spelling?

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