Sunday 16 May 2021

Gold and Silver Found in Darkest Essex: All-out War With Conservationists Mooted

              Neil Barlow (left, landowner             
absent) presents something.

Detectorist's attitude to conservationists:
Paul Lgd Howard Lets Go Digging Nationwide Metal Detecting Events 54 m.
Smashing it at Essex new permission, 2 gold and loads of silver LGD

Julian Evan-Hart 20 m
BRILLIANT STUFF -Well done for organising and GOOD LUCK to all attending
Best Jules. 

Neil Barlow 11 m
Julian Evan-Hart[,] your [sic] mentioned in dispatches today on Heritage Action [sic - he means "Heritage Journal"]. I think you need to use your publication to fight back at these grandiose and over entitled plebs once and for all.
So do we all, look forward to the response by "Treasure Hunter Magazine" to the points grassroots (pleb) heritage organisation Heritage Action make about artefact hunting. 

Bring it on hoiker mastermind, start an all-out war with conservationists, show the British public (in a tekkie  publication on many newsstands) exactly who you are and what you stand for. 

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