Sunday, 1 February 2015

Russia: "Ukraine is Plundering its Own Museums On the Way to Europe"

Tessa Davis is researching the 'laundering of looted antiquities into legitimate artworks in the Glasgow Trafficking Culture project. She has just publicised without comment an interesting piece ‏ on the 'Global Research' website. this is Montreal-based and claims to be a centre for research on Globalisation. The piece is called 'Ukraine is Plundering its Own Museums On the Way to Europe ' and is a pretty blatant piece of pro-Putin expansionism, anti-Ukrainian (and anti-EU) propaganda. It was posted on Jan 29th, but had actually come from the so-called 'Oriental Review,' - based in Moscow. I have no doubt that art and antiquities are changing hands and being smuggled in the current crisis, and we should be discussing it. I think however the tone of this text is an inappropriate vehicle for the purpose, and should be treated with the utmost caution. 

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