Sunday, 13 September 2015

FLO encourages Hoard Hoik in East Yorkshire

UK artefact hunter "Andy1252" has a very understanding local FLO (on a metal detecting forum near you "It's been one of those weeks! AT LAST!!!  Wed Sep 11, 2013 6:15 pm). He found some stuff and "felt as though I should share the news with you". The find was made in a field under stubble near his home in East Yorkshire. He:
had a look at the lay of the land and decided to start on an area of a slight mound of the field. All I have wanted to find for a long time is a roman coin but didnt really expect what happened next. [...] as soon as I had started it started bleeping uncontrolably everywhere I swept
Within an hour he'd found a dozen Roman radiate coins and at the end of the day he had found 119:
It was at this point I thought that I would have to inform someone else of the find so I made the local coroners office aware and the Finds Liason Officer at York Museum and asked if I should keep digging? I'm glad they said yes.[...] I went back again the next day and the next and the next and I wasn't disappointed, the final coin count was 540 Romans [...] The ones I did manage to identify we're [sic] all from periods between 260-290 ad and 8 different emperors including Claudius 11, Gallienus, Tacitus, Victorinus, Probus, Aurelian, Postumus and Gothicus.

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